Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Petit déjeuner et déjeuner à Delifrance 2

To continue from yesterdays post, I had breakfast at Delifrance today!! XD Got there at 10.45am!! I didn't know this before but leisure mall is packed with ppl in the morning!! and obviously not with highschool students like it is in the afternoons!! XD

I ordered a 'Traditional Breakfast'...which includes a free cup of coffee or tea. =)
Tea...Teh Boh!! XD

I was surprised that it came with a butter cookie lol XD Probably bought it from a super market or something!! XD Teh Boh is normal so nothing much to critic...but for an extra RM3...could have gotten orange juice or hot chocolate =D

Aaahhhh...a traditional breakfast which includes a baguette, 2 steamed sausages, mash potatoes with gravy and fly shit scambled eggs.

Seriously though...the scrambled eggs do look like fly shit!! =( It tasted horrible too!! Didn't finish no...I COULDN'T finished was THAT horrible...=( Anyways...the sausages were ok with a bit of ketchup and the mash potatoes by themselves were tasteless!! It is advised to sprinkle a little salt on it and always and I mean ALWAYS eat it with the gravy!! The gravy was good! =) The baguette tasted like a...baguette!! XD Could only finish half of it was really long!! XD

Oh yes...and since I had the receipt from the terrible pasta lunch yesterday!! XD I got a free serving of bread pudding and they are such cheapskates!! Just look at the serving!! =(

  Delicious bread pudding with condensed milk.

Bread pudding is very easy to make! I should know cause I know how to make it!! XD The portion was small but I say it's quite decent after a breakfast like that..=) It had raisins in it and the crusts were put on top of the pudding as a decoration!! I like it and it was delicious! =D
With the 50% off offer the total bill came to RM5.85!! XD Compared to the spaghetti deal, I say the breakfast deal is SO much more worth it!! And with everything good comes with a catch!! XD The offer only lasts till 11am, 31st July 2010. =) The free bread pudding is so worth it too cause the normal price of it is like RM8+ but the serving should be much bigger la!! XP

So, If you're on a budget and want something good go get the Delifrance 50% Off Le Matin-Breakfast Medley cause it can be considered brunch with the time you're eating it!! XD That's all for now! Peace!! XD

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