Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The HOT Goodies!

Time for the goodies!! XD

Here's everything inside the bag! 

1. Panda Town coupons

2. Porto Romano postcard

3. Skin Food free samples coupon

4. Strips Waxing Coupon
I noticed when I uploaded all the photos that I missed this one out...=(

5. Kotex...must I say more? =P

6. Eve body powder and swabs 
-only for women-

7. Mentos Xyli Ice

8. Cars 2 merchandise from TGV

9.. Hot Magazine
The goodie bag would never be complete without a copy! =)

Till the next post!

Hot Hot X'Mas

I'm sorry for the long wait! 
It's been almost 2 weeks since Hot Magazines X'Mas Party at Porto Romano! 
Here are the photos! XD

They posted this on their Facebook page a month before the party! 
I was so excited when I got the invite! XD

But we arrived REALLY late!! =(
Still had fun though! 

First thing I saw when I walked in was this!!! So cute!!!

They had free manicures at the party! 
My friends were pretty excited about it!
those aren't my friends btw! =P
If you wanna see the swatches of the manis they got do check my nail blog out! 

They had makeovers too! 
When I heard makeovers I was thinking of more make-up than hair-dos XD

This is my friend Melanie! =)
And that's Liang! YES! He was there!!! XD

We also got to meet a new friend! =)

I love this photo! =) 
but I wish my hair would behave especially at events =(

You see the tree at the back? 
Take a look a this! =D

After the event, we went to Chatime for dessert! =D

The snowman was so cute! 

I love this photo! 
why hair??! why??!!

I shall be revealing the goodies in the next post! >=D

Till the next post!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Chipwrecked Rated!

Second post after the revival yay!!! 

Movie Review Time!! 

From the title you should have already guessed what I watched!! Haha!! ^^

I haven't gone to the movies lately so was pretty looking forward to this!
The show was pretty ok...comedic plot and all...

But the part that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is......

For those of you that have already seen the movie!

"I often get mistaken for this must look alike"

ahhahahhahahhahahah XD

For the overall movie I would rate it...

Simone was the only part I like sad to say =(
The rest of the movie was pretty cliche =(


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What to say?

My childhood friend, my best friend whom I've know for more than 10 years called me today...

She told me that her father had just passed away and she didn't know what to do...

It was so unexpected...I only saw him a few times but he looked perfectly healthy to me...

She was sobbing when she answered the phone...desperate to see her father once more...

Because of work...she didn't even get to see him one last time she said...

But I think seeing him 'one last time' in that condition would have broken her heart even more...

As she told me all this while shedding tears of sadness through the phone...

I didn't know what to say...

Should I tell her that it's gonna be alright?

Should I tell her that it couldn't be helped?

Sigh...all I could say to her was that 'no one expected it'...

I told her to tell me whatever she wanted...memories...regrets...I would listen the whole way...

She couldn't do was too much for her to talk about at the time...

I'm not good in comforting people...especially close friends...

And I didn't get any better with this situation...but I knew I had to be there for her....

But...what do you say in these kinds of situations?

Do you give them hope that It'll be better soon?

Do you say that nothing else can done about it?

What to say?

Now I wait...

For that call...

I would race to her side to comfort her...


Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 year Italian memory

My first post back will be on FOOD!! 

I haven't been back to this restaurant since I was 14! 
I couldn't appreciate good food at the time but now that I've come back the second time..


It's also cheaper than usual Italian restaurants! 
Affordable and delicious! 
What more could you ask for?

Venezia~~ It's a block away from the Segar Veterinary Clinic

Man I totally hate it when my face gets too oily >< 
My bangs get all messed up when it does =(

Here's the menu =)

We ordered 5 dishes! 
2 Entrees 
3 Main Dishes

Smoked Salmon Salad
I'm usually not the kind of person who likes salads but this is one salad that I LOVE!
You should have seen me eating this! It was like I was starved for 10 years and this was the first  food I see! =P

Fried Button Mushrooms (not sure what the menu name is)
This was delicious! The moment I sliced it, steam came out! O.O
Hot, steamy button mushrooms! Yum~

Grilled chicken with fried potatoes and veges (not sure of the actual name)
This...was not good >< or maybe it was just that one time but here's what I think...
The chicken was so hard! >< I thought my jaw was going to fall off =(
The cauliflower was horrible too...I was starting to feel really sad about the dish but...
Crispy skin and soft insides...only thing good about the dish though =(

Carbonara Spaghetti with turkey ham
I always order this at every restaurant! I ordered turkey ham instead of chicken ham for this dish
The spaghetti wasn't all that good I have to say but OK...=S

Chicken lasagna!
One of mine and my family's favorite dishes! =)
Although the lasagna was kinda small but it is THE BOMB!!
The sour cream gave the dish a certain UMPHH to it! 
Shall be using that in my lasagna from now on >=)

The bill came out to a little less than RM100 for FIVE dishes!

I highly recommend this restaurant but I also suggest you go during the slow hours of the day since it's a small restaurant and few workers there. Lunch and dinner hours always confuses the owner until orders are confused and there aren't enough seats during those times. 

This is all I have for this post! =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Return Of the Randomz

I know I've been gone since like...


I've recently started a nail blog called CRNailz!
Do check it out!

I've been interested in nail art for about 2 years now!
A friend finally gave me a push to start sharing it!

Since I would be updating CRNailz quite often I starting thinking...

"Why not revive my personal blog?"

And so comes the episode of "RETURN OF THE RANDOMZ"
Starring Yours Truly! =)

I'll try and update more often from now on and I hope I don't stop!