Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Petit déjeuner et déjeuner à Delifrance 2

To continue from yesterdays post, I had breakfast at Delifrance today!! XD Got there at 10.45am!! I didn't know this before but leisure mall is packed with ppl in the morning!! and obviously not with highschool students like it is in the afternoons!! XD

I ordered a 'Traditional Breakfast'...which includes a free cup of coffee or tea. =)
Tea...Teh Boh!! XD

I was surprised that it came with a butter cookie lol XD Probably bought it from a super market or something!! XD Teh Boh is normal so nothing much to critic...but for an extra RM3...could have gotten orange juice or hot chocolate =D

Aaahhhh...a traditional breakfast which includes a baguette, 2 steamed sausages, mash potatoes with gravy and fly shit scambled eggs.

Seriously though...the scrambled eggs do look like fly shit!! =( It tasted horrible too!! Didn't finish no...I COULDN'T finished was THAT horrible...=( Anyways...the sausages were ok with a bit of ketchup and the mash potatoes by themselves were tasteless!! It is advised to sprinkle a little salt on it and always and I mean ALWAYS eat it with the gravy!! The gravy was good! =) The baguette tasted like a...baguette!! XD Could only finish half of it was really long!! XD

Oh yes...and since I had the receipt from the terrible pasta lunch yesterday!! XD I got a free serving of bread pudding and they are such cheapskates!! Just look at the serving!! =(

  Delicious bread pudding with condensed milk.

Bread pudding is very easy to make! I should know cause I know how to make it!! XD The portion was small but I say it's quite decent after a breakfast like that..=) It had raisins in it and the crusts were put on top of the pudding as a decoration!! I like it and it was delicious! =D
With the 50% off offer the total bill came to RM5.85!! XD Compared to the spaghetti deal, I say the breakfast deal is SO much more worth it!! And with everything good comes with a catch!! XD The offer only lasts till 11am, 31st July 2010. =) The free bread pudding is so worth it too cause the normal price of it is like RM8+ but the serving should be much bigger la!! XP

So, If you're on a budget and want something good go get the Delifrance 50% Off Le Matin-Breakfast Medley cause it can be considered brunch with the time you're eating it!! XD That's all for now! Peace!! XD

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Petit déjeuner et déjeuner à Delifrance 1

Breakfast and Lunch at Delifrance.

The wonders of what to do during the one month break before uni starts... I decided to try the Delifrance 'Amazing RM6 Spaghetti Deals' which twins with the Delifrance '50% off Le-Matin Breakfast Medley' A very interesting offer which ends 31st July!! =)

Ok...the flyers came out pretty small and blurry!! XD I got them from the website so cannot blame meif cannot read!! XD Can go to and check it out though =)

Well...since there's no one at home to cook and I was lazy I decided to drive to leisure mall for lunch!! XD I had the Pasta Chicken Bolognaise with a cup of sprite.

It looks like a small portion rite...but believe me that I was REALLY full when I finished it and had half a glass of sprite left!!! XD So the spaghetti was RM6 plus the sprite is RM9 plus service tax and govt tac makes it a total of RM10.35...=.=...when you heard RM6 for spaghetti you just didn't believe it rite then all the tax comes in...=.=...lame...

If you wanna know if the offer is worth it...i say...NOT!!
! The spaghetti tasted horrible!! the garlic bread was quite good since it was crunchy and all and the antenna looking thing was pretty good LOL I think it was carrot stripes!! XD

If you want a meal that will make you full and is cheap just order the pasta no drink!! That would be ok but if you want to eat something tasty and be happy afterwards and not just be full I suggest you DON'T take the offer...=(

I'm going to delifrance again tomorrow for breakfast a
s it says on the flyer that you can get a free serving of bread pudding when you go back the next day for breakfast...apparently the bread pudding is a specialty so why pass up something that might taste better than the spaghetti!! XD

This is not related but after being stuck in a traffic jam for like 45 minutes I got to see something very pretty..=) I did not see a hot guy or a hot girl but I did see 7 colours shimmering in the sky...yes...I saw a rainbow...after the afternoon rain...

Isn't the rainbow's not all that clear since I took it with me phone cam but still pretty all the same!! XD Almost wanted to look if there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...=D

That's all for today's post!! XD Check out tomorrows bout the Delifrance breakfast offer!! XD I hope it tastes better than lunch!! =P But everyone knows that Delifrance pastries are tasty!! =)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3 and Italiannies with a side of Application

Ok...this is like SO overdue lol =) So I went out with Jon to Sunway Pyramid last Wednesday to watch Toy Story 3!! XD We decided to go 'out of town' LOl since we both live in KL and have been there WAY too many times!! XP Another reason why I picked Sunway is that I wanted to hand in me application for uni!! XD Talking bout killing 2 birds with 1 stone LOL

HeHe^^ Applied for Uni le!! XD Poor Jon since he had to wait for me to finish applying!! XP The Taylors Lakeside Campus is pretty nice but I have yet to study there so can't really comment bout the enviroment yet!! XD

Italiannies...fine Italian restaurant but the prices!!! Like WHOA!! To me la at least since I'm not rich XD That would have been the 2nd time I'm eating here. It took us like 30 minutes to decide where to eat and by then we had already walked around Sunway Pyramid TWICE!! Haha That was cause Jon kept suggesting 'Burger King', 'Wendy's', 'Carl's Junior'...=.=...see the connection...THEY'RE ALL BURGER JOINTS!! Like who comes all the way to Sunway just to eat burgers...=.=...could have eaten those in Time Square...=.=...

Food was ok I guess...we ordered 'CLASSIC CARBONARA' which is

'Fettuccine pasta tossed in
parmesan cream sauce
with smoked beef bacon
and fresh button mushrooms'

Ok...I was really hungry at the time so I forgot to take a photo of the food before I digged in!! XD The one on me plate looks nicer than the after image =P I was pretty good...except that I'm a picky eater and'll know soon enough...=S

I tell you Jon was so keen on getting a candid photo of me eating the pasta and I caught him everytime he tried!! XD No way are you gonna get me messy mouthed!! XD So in the end I told him to take a nice pic of me instead of a surprise attack!! XD

This is Jon...also being careful not to get a candid photo of himself with a 'comot' face!! XD

Oh yeah!! Still haven't told you guys bout what happened after I 'finished' my meal XD Bwahahahaha!! Now face the HORROR!!

Ok...gotta say...the words didn't come out big enough but still big enough to read. =) Didn't I say it was horrible!! XD Urgh....=.=...the texture was unbearable!! =( I couldn't swallow it!! I couldn't!! =( Oh well...sorry bout the gross scene!! XP

Oh yeah!! Not forgetting...TOY STORY 3!! XD After reading all the comments on Facebook bout the movie I just couldn't wait to watch it!! XD

Toy Story 3...the story where Andy is all grown up and going off to college and the toys have another dangerous adventure...the movie made me feel so much!! Happiness =) Sadness =( Laughter =D Nostalgia ( Dun have an emoticon for this ) XD I even cried...=S It was THAT good a movie!! 10/10 for the movie and to the Pixar animators who made the movie of childhood follow our time since I watched toy story 1 and 2 when I was a kid and now I'm watchin the third movie when I'm in college!! Great timing fellas!! =)

That's all for this post folks! This is chronosz signing off till another time. =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

OMG!! It's been hell trying to make these collages!!! Hmmph!! Oh well but I did it in the end =) and I'm quite happy with the outcome!! XD


Ok..ok...I know everyone talking bout urbanscapes are talking bout the performances...but...I was BROKE!! =( So I didn't buy a ticket and it was a last minute thing. =) So I enjoyed the free stuff!! XD I'm so Malaysian rite!! Bwahahaha =P

Ok...=.=...I'm like so annoyed with blogspot right now...=.=...cause the font is so messed up now...the collage came out pretty small but still can see lol =) All the tents were so far apart and it was SO HOT!! O.o There were postcards, lomos, signs, cupcakes, t-shirts, and Dooodolls!! XD for sale. There was like a bazaar and TONS of clothes for sale!! XD Oh yeah and it was the first time I've put the blogspot address onto the collage =)

Ok...I LOVE this collage =) This was the electric tea party performance and It was AWESOME!! XD Electronic sounds were made when one of their hands was on one of the metal balls in the corners and the other hand in the water in the teacups!!! Each metal ball makes a different sound and they can actually make a SICK BEAT with it!! XD Damn cool performance!! XD

These are some of the photos of me, Jin, the bloggers and the HELP ppl!! XD Jin's got lots of friends that were there!!! Like A LOT!! XP Oh yeah...=.=...most of them went for the BEAST event later that day!!! XD So lucky!! =( As I've said...I'm I didn't get a ticket...=.=...

I thought this piece of art was pretty cool!! =) I thought it read 'OEMO KRA SI' but turned out it was 'DEMO KRA SI' XD Damn lame rite and it turns out the artist was on a lunch break and it was NOT finished yet!! XD Went back later to enjoy some air-con and saw the artist sitting in front of it drawing...=.=...regret that I didn't take a shot of the finished artwork...=(

The mystery of the red One of Jin's friends the blogger had a red urbanscape band instead of a green band like everyone else...we thought it was a media band but he said it was a band for under 18 kids so even now I still dunno why he had a RED one!! XD

Weeee....this is the timeline of the whole day. =) The 2.49 pm was really HOT!! Like OMG la!! I like the other shots cause it was cooler =P I always have the same angle of shot!! XD The right side is my good side apparently!! XP

That's all for Urbanscapes 2010!! I've got nothing else to write so I'll stop here...hope you enjoyed me insight. =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Long Drive Around

Weeeee...=) Sis-in-law and I went to buy KFC and McD for dinner. Since my car was blocked I took the Altis instead!! XD First time driving a LONG car =) Mum was kinda worried since it was getting dark and it was my first time but I was confident!! =D It was so different from driving the myvi lol!! =3 The breaks were so sensitive and the power steering was so WEAK!! =( Took a lot of effort to turn the wheel...or maybe I'm just weak!! XD Don't have any photos but the experience was cool I'll tell you that. =)

Going to Sunway Pyramid to watch Toy Story 3 tomorrow with Jon!! XD Can't wait!! =D Going to give in me application for uni tomorrow too. =)

I promise to blog on something more interesting tomorrow O.K!!! XD

This was pretty nicely done. =)
Credits to Wan Yu and ACDSee.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taylors Open Day 1 and 2!!

HeHe^^ That time of the year for open day le!! =P I like working open days for some reason and it's NOT just for the money!! XD $$ But then ah...June is such a slow season...and I mean REALLY REALLY slow...died of boredom overdose twice now!! XD

Yeah!! Part of the crew lol!! XD
From left : Amritha, Fazlin, Kelly, Me and Farhan.

We were super and totally bored outta our minds!! @@ We just needed to camwhore!! Bwahahah!! =P The staff were bored too b
y the lack of people showing up for the open day!! XD Don't believe me? Well...look at this!! XD

Awww..didn't come out that well!! T_T Playin with Picasa again if you don't know what I mean!! =( The counselors were cam-whoring too!! XD

The crowd had to come in sooner or later so it ended
up like this =)

Still not that many ppl hor...=.=...what crowd la!! XD

In the end also we got bored!! XD Especially Kelly! =P She made a tower of pens!! XD Bwahahaha
She's THAT bored!! XD This is only the first day too!! XD

Here comes a flood of photos from Day 2!! XD

OMG!! I finally did it!! XD I finished uploading the photos!! XD Weeee =P All the photos from the second day of open day!! XD Super random rite some of them!! XP But we all had fun in the end la =)

See you at the next open day!! XD

Daddy Dim Sum Breakfast

Dum dum da dum!! XD It's FATHERS DAY!! XD

Bro's and I treated dad to a dim sum breakfast!! XD Grandpa was supposed to come along too but he had another event to go to...=(

Mum and Dad. =)

Big bro and sis-in-law. =)

Didn't get to take photos of the food itself cause like we were hungry!! XD and I was late for work at Taylors...I had gotten the ok for being late but everyone insisted that I get there earlier. =S The food was yummy!! XD Quality did go down a bit but it was still good and dad was happy! =D

A few years ago, it was my brothers who were the ones that ran off after breakfast to go do their own thing now I'M the one doing it!! XD How time flies~~~now where did those days go I wonder. XP All memories now!

Quite sad that I didn't get to spend the day with my dad. =( I'm just glad that dad had a great day and BREAKFAST!! XD


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burning Chili's!!

Let's start with the beginning of the day shall we! =)
I went for a morning walk this morning and I brou
ght my dog along.
He was so excited that he jumped all the way out of
the gate.
I wasn't ready when I put the leash on him so
he knew to wait and sat down staring at the gate.

There he is waiting for me to get ready while staring at the gate... out of the house and up the hill we went.
As proud as my dog was he started barking at all the dogs we passed.
As he did that, I tried to stop him while choosing a song from my playlist and juggling the umbrella with the leash...
What a day...what a day...

To make matters worse, when we got to the top of the hill we saw another dog...walking on it's own no owner in sight but a collar I saw so how could it be? A dog let loose by the owner for a morning walk or an escapee that ran out while the owner backed out of the house?
That dog was scary I can tell you that with a yellow smear of paint at the side of it's back...pitiful as it may seem I was still scared for my dog was stupid enough to bark at did not bark back nor did it look mad but I was still afraid as it followed us as we continued
on our walk...
Afraid it may attack, I turned back,

As I did so, so did the dog, I tried to scare it away by hitting the road with my umbrella...I succeeded the first time but the only the first time...

When I got to my road I sped down the hill!! Running as fast as my legs could take me with my dog tired as well following me down the hill, we made it home safe and sound and me left with a burning sen
sation in my legs...but relieved that I was not hurt this morning. =)

The before and AFTER the incident...I was so excited to go for a morning walk but after that...OMG!! look how tired I here's my see a stray!!! but you'll be like the after image la!!

The morning was bad but I had a lunch date with Chantelly later!! XD I got to MidValley by 1pm as we agreed but OMG!! The parking was UNBELIEVABLE!! I drove around the Gardens parking
lot for 30 minutes and STILL couldn't find a parking spot!! In the end I gave up and just parked somewhere that would interupt the traffic and block any cars. I may be boasting but I am so considerate. XD

I was already late for lunch and I made her wait so long and it was her BIRTHDAY lunch too!! Sorry Chant!! =S Well, we got to eat Chili's in the end so we're so happy. Saw a bunch of the graduated CPU students there too! XD Ahhhh...Chili' love it!! XD Here's the menu fo
r the day!! XD

Cold BOTTOMLESS lite coke and apple juice. =)
BOTTOMLESS Tostada Chips.
This was before the main course came!! XD We were THAT hungry! =P
Monterey Chicken for Chantelly. It was super yummy!! XD
And for me...a Classic Bacon Burger. =)
When they say BIG mouth bites they mean BIG mouth bites!! XD
Didn't quite like the bacon...not crispy...=(

That was lunch!! XD took us like...uhhh...2+ hours to finish?! XD It was a lot to eat!! XP Well, lunch made my day!! But lunch also made a HUGE burning gappingn hole in my wallet...=.=...Damn sad bout that...Now I'm BROKE!! B.R.O.K.E BROKE!! Nothing much more to tell other than my brothers getting all hyped for the World Cup!! XD

Well...that's all to tell today...blogging is tiring...-.-...nitez all =)