Monday, June 14, 2010

The not so Final Fantasy

Bro's bought a lot of PS3 games and it arrived today!! XD So since they weren't home yet I played it first!! =P

Hehe^^ He bought like 6 games and I played Final FantasyXIII!! XD Lol this reminds me of something I read somewhere...XP...they said that Final Fantasy I as supposed to be the great game ever thus the name 'FINAL FANTASY' but since it already came up to like no. 13!! The name is so not relevant anymore!! XD

This came with the game but I so would have liked the Final Fantasy XIII keychain better...=( It looked cooler than this!! XD

I only played it for 3 hours lol since i would get a headache if I actually let myself go for so long!! XD Other than games I watched Goong (Princess Diaries)!!! again!! XD On episode 18 now =)

Bwahaha I couldn't help taking a photo!! XD Watching it on my ipad lol XD

Ok-lah today...not that boring but couldn't join song kiat and jia wen they all for sing-k session!! T_T my feet still kinda hurt from the day before yesterday so it's for the best la if i wanna go out tmr!! XD

My fantasy's not over yet! =)

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