Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random unusual~

You wanna know what's so unusual??? Well...I actually PAINTED MY NAILS!! XD All Jade and Xin Yi's fault!! XD ( It's a praise!! Bwahaha!! )

I'm like super noob at this nail stuff....lik
e seriously...

Here come the pics!!! XD

The mess...and this was the 2nd attempt too...=.=
Try imagining what the 1st attempt was since I had to have a 2nd..

I thought this angle was nice..=)
The thing on the 4th finger looks weird rite..=.=...failed attempt

A heart??
*shrugs shoulders*

Truthfully...I feel pretty self accomplished that I actually did my nails since I didn't really do it when I was young...=.=...XD

Random unusual : Random = Suddenly did it
Unusual = Out of character

=) Well, my choice so it's fine...that's all for now...Buh Bye..C YA!!

Not so random anger ~ parking ticket

Yeah as you can tell from the title...I got a parking ticket...not a saman..but...a parkng ticket...DAMN SHIT MAN!!

I would first like to thank to Andrew Foo for advice bout samans then I would like to thank Jade for helping me with the saman and lastly and most importantly I would like to thank my dad...for taking the blame for the parking ticket for me...Thanks Dad...I SHALL NOW PROMISE NOT TO PARK THERE EVER AGAIN AND WAKE UP SUPER EARLY TO FIND PARKING!!

I seriously don't want to get another SERIOUSLY!! Can get your licence suspended de!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! *inhale, exhale* K that's all I wanna tell for now...c ya..Buh Bye...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random b'day~Xin Yi

Hi there....*waves hand*...not a very happy welcome now is it...=.=...

Today was Xin Yi's b'day!! =) It started out like any other day......studying in the library...=.=...BUT
!! So lazy to tell story so...I'm going to let the pictures tell you everything!! XD

It all began here....

Xin Yi (behind the book) =)


Present XD


THIS!! XD Bwahaha!!
So surprised at what she got!!

Remember a few posts ago....and I said that couldn't say what were buying was THIS!! XD OPI NAIL POLISH LOL!!

Anywayz...we as in...EC...Xin Yi...Jade...Mabel...Chloe...and ME!! XD We wanted to go sushi zanmai for lunch de but it wasn't open yet when we got there...=.=...damn late lo they open...then wanted to so pasta zanmai but damn sianz already lo since went so many times already...then we finally went to PASTA DE GOHAN!! XD

O.o but this only part of the bigger picture which is!!!!
*faints dramatically*

We went back after lunch cause Chloe had class...after nothing much happened..but...actually got but only certain pplmay know!! XD That's all la I guess!!

Buh Bye C ya!!! =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Random outing ~ Movie and food~~

Elo there!! =)

This was supposed to be yesterday's post but was too tired and had a headache so obviously couldn't do anyth

Anywayz....I was SOOOOOO BOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEDDDD yesterday that I went out with a coupl eof my old school mates!! XD Jia Ern and Nabiha sorry if it was super last minute stuff!!! =P
We ended up at Time Square to watch......

Now to actually grade this movie ah....
5/10 will be my score... NOT watch it in 3D...

After that nothing much lo...walk around talk...had dinner at Gasoline...=.=...the food there so...not nice...i advice you not to go there often either....=.=

Oh yeah!! I got a headache after the movie just because of the STUPID 3D GLASSES!! Damn stupid lo!! Painful and uncomfortable like shit those glasses!! Like that lo my also nothing exciting...=.=...*sigh* boring le...=P

Oh well...that's all folks!! Buh Bye!! XD Cya!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random visit ~ been so lazy to post stuff the page will be on but I'm too lazy to type...too much rite...*swt*

Anywayz...last Thursday was the first day of AS for me!! XD Not bad it I do say so myself!! All that studying paid
off lol!! After the paper ah...Jade, Xin Yi, EC and I went to Starbucks cause I was like "Yay!! Let's celebrate the completion of the first paper!! XD" LOLX!! Pretty happy happy lo the four of us =D *big grin*


JADE!! XD Why is this the only pic I have of you that time??!!
The brain-freeze-ness!! =P

Green tea Frappuccino with whipped cream!! XD
New taste..OooO...Jade h
ad 1 too lol!!

Xin Yi and EC!! XD
EC too pai seh le!! & Xin Yi happy with her machiato!!

Bwahaha!! C'est Moi!! XD
Green tea Frapp taste goood!! =P

All so happy that time!! HeHe^^ Nothin' much happened on Friday cause like no one wanted to go to college to study and there was absolutely nothing to do at home....there was...ONE...thing that I did out of character though...

=.= sleeping for half a day was painful yet relaxing...
if you get the meaning of it all...=D

After all that...brings us to TODAY!! Woke up at 9 to watch "Phineas and Ferb Cliptastic Marathon!!" don't make that expression!! It's still cool to watch cartoons!! XD Happy Happy~~ cousin came over....his purpose...lunch...=.=...I know rite...*swt*!! McD for lunch so not bad la haha!! =P Weird but he went back then came back with his bro for dinner...=.=...his bro is cool..=)..."Yeah! I said it! Happy?!" though he says he's awesome too much!! lol!!

All in all not a bad day haha!! I even got round to a nap in the afternoon..=) Now don't you guys go thinking that I'm a pig cause I slept at 3.30 on Friday!! What was I doing??!! Reading a book my bro gave me!! "CITY OF BONES"...nice book!! XD

Now...I say Buh Bye to all and to all a Buh Bye!! =)(= C ya next time!! XDD

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random dates ~One day before AS first paper

Oh yeah!! Tomorrow's finally my first paper!! XD Should be a crime to be excited for exams rite??!! =P Oh's what we all look like one day before the paper...=) ppl before exams lol!! XDD
LOLX!! Song Kiat too sleepy after a whole morning of math!!

Jade de-stressing after the morning math session!! XD

Xin Yi eagerly waiting for her mian tui mian!! XD
Also after the morning math session lol!!

As for me ah....that time no pic of Alisa either...=P

Me at this moment lol!! XD


Buh bye and c ya next time!! =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random thoughts I ~ The feeling of rejection

*sigh* don't come to a conclusion yet...i didn't get rejected by a guy or something like's a bit complicated on my part but...*sigh*...rejection from anyone is painful i guess...and you all should know that there are a lot of types of rejections...mine's just one of them...*sigh*

lots of sighs rite...well that's what I was like...sighing...*sigh*...dunno if i'll be able to gain trust but i know it'll be hard...see first la!! XD

P/S : Jon...please don't think that I'm having some kind of emotional thing that we need to talk offense...

Random awakement~

I don't know if it's weird if I blog at 3.52 in the morning but I'm going to do it anyway!! XD

Lets see and update of the past few
days...Hmmm...Ah!! Friday!! Jade, Alisa and I went to Pasta Zanmai for lunch!! OMG!! It's still so freakin expensive eventhough we split the bill...=.=...well actually we went there to so something but it's a SECRET rite now lol. Wait until it's revealed la =P


Yay!! (Quote Alisa~ =P)
Seafood pasta i think..=.=

The second pasta dish!!
Katsu white sauce pasta I think...=.=

Jade-chan!! XD

Alisa-chan!! XD

So perasan rite!! XD

Weee~~didn't think we'd ordered dessert now did cha!! XD
Azuki macha something...=.= Alisa's pick!! XD

Damn happy lo this woman eating her azuki macha something...=.=
Jade and I ate some too!!
XD Bwahaha!!

The second dessert!!...Strawberry parfait!! XD
I thought it would come dissapointed...=.=

Anyway!! That was it for satisfied after that lol!! XD

Saturday and Sunday weren't exciting cause I didn't go out...was at home watching series like Reaper and NCIS...=.= I know rite...

Monday mah study lo...dunno you believe or not but...NEVERMIND!! XDD I suddenly fell asleep too early then i suddenly woke up in the middle of the morning...end up like now lo!! =P

Later going to college for study group with classmates!! *sigh* study somemore...=.=...sad thing to do but have to so...OH WELL!! XD

Aiyah!! Late already la!! OR Early already la!! XD Going back to sleep now!! =) Buh Bye and until next time k!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random miracle~

" Miracle of miracles!! "

Everyone said that it couldn't be there anymore....WELL!!


Looook whoooo's baaaaacccckk!!!!
I went back to Skin Food today and they had it!!
XD happiness of it all!!
( Please refer to 'Random B'day' post =D )

Today was a good day...i guess...watched a movie...bought some to hang out with friends...i got my lost leather band back...and FINALLY...I got new shorts!! XD I know i've been spending money so STOP ME!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!!

Lighting not good in my room so...pic like that lo...

Me happy!! =) But now gotta study!! =.= AS EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK!! Studying!!...Buh Bye...See Ya!! XD

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random paranoia~

is what i'm feeling...

Been having this feeling lately...I won't tell in detail but I feel like someone's eyes are always avoiding mine...=.=...sounds weird I know but I can't help but feel this way...

Lazy to update with a long post so let's just leave this with the paranoia case OK?! =)

Nite nite and we'll see you again very soon...=)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The confusement of it all...

"There's a lot to think about now come to think of it..."

The thought of the a lot of meaning doesn't it...been doin a lot of thinking bout UNI and stuff and made up my mind then suddenly another persons view came into light and now i gotta do more research...*sigh*..."please help me the right choice

That's my thoughts for tonight and I GOTTA STUDY!! XD
C ya next time K!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Random

Super bored and really don't care what i type cause well...i have nothing to post about...this blog may be called the random-ness of my life isn't really all that random...*sigh*...AS exams are coming soon and need to be studying so going to keep this short...

Very emo the post rite...c(=

I love what i wore today for class!! XD

Not a very clear pic i know...
I think it's nice and that's all that matters =)

Today's post mah like that only lo...=.=...c ya next time!! XD

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random dinner~ for a super short post!! XD Update on Mid-Autumn Festival dinner with family!! =)


Yay!! XD Everyone dig in!!

Happy Happy - munch munch!!

Really yummy dinner thanks to Elaine and Mum!! XD But ah...after that found out that Bo-bo has been a bad bad dog!! Ran out of the house and picked fights with cats!! XD Stupid rite!! Poor doggy now got bruise on his eye...T.T

Poor Bo-bo...T.T

Well...that's it for the short post!! XD Buh Bye C ya!!

Random b'day~

Was totally too lazy to update on the day itself!! XD was JIA QI'S B'DAY last friday!! I think it's best described with pics lol!! So here comes the slideshow!! XDD

Before the b'day party!! XD
Guys and Mr. Tan dunno talking bout what le!!

Yeah...trying to decide what to eat!!
Jia Qi's b'day party at Pizza Hut
!! XD

B'day girl with Su Ann's big camera!! XD
Ain't she happy lo!!

I like this pic of me!! XD
So sad la... i lost my leather band later that day...
=) --> T.T

Su Ann and her big camera!! XD

Jade and I !! XD
Love this pic too!! =P

The Pepsi FINALLY came!! XD

The soup!! XD

The guys were too hungry le!! XD

The girls on the other hand were chatting away...

Well...that was about it lo...we had lunch we got full we were happy =) then we all went our seperate ways!! XD sound so emo lol!!

After that the guys dunno go where...same with Song Kiat and Alisa...the rest of us though went to Sunway Pyramid...where I lost my leather band T.T...

=) *grin* HeHe^^ took this in front of Jade's house lol
Xin Yi and I were so late to buss class after that XD

That's all for this post!! =D Happy le...