Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to lazy-ness...

I have just learnt the meaning to's not updating your blog for a very very very long time....*swt*'s what happened so far...

Before the fair...studying...
So hard working ho....=P
Jade...doin the menu for the Baskin Robbins stall
Our stall btw!! >.< The BR ppl brought a cooler for us...
>.<The BR sign for the stall!!
Chin Cheah draw de!!
Nice ho!! >.< The henna-ness....

AND this is where i got really lazy and didn't finish the post... =P
Might as well post it ho....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Haih...driving instructors suck like hell la!! I know I've said that before but...THEY REALLY DO!! This totally wouldn't let me drive to school...he lets me drive back though...T.T I just don't like this...


b4 u start'll be thinking..."Wow...I'm goin to be able to drive soon!! Yay!! Everyones totally goin to support me in it"...there'll be a twinkle in ur eye and u'll be so so so happy..."

well...that's only a dream...especially for girls...GUYS!! don't complain cause we DO have more worries than u!! =.= After you get ur licence and jump around smiling and showing off ur brand new licence.... reality hits...LIKE THAT!! "No! ur not ready to drive by urself yet!!" and that's after all the talk bout u need to learn how to drive!! but in the end...they dun let u...THE MAN DOESN'T WANT YOU TOO!!

i'm in that mess now and it's really really sad...*sniff* i hate not being able to drive on my own...u need to drive to learn!! that's what i say cause u'll nvr be able to get a licenced driver to sit next to u when u drive cause they KNOW!! that noob drivers can scare u to death with their driving!!

*Bends head down in sadness* i wanna drive...i hate waiting for other ppl...i hate ppl who dun support me in this...i hate in when reality hits u in the face...and u'll have to live through it weather u like it or not...

Buh long...T.T

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long time no see and there's a LOT to C!!!! Was checking out all my friends blogs and well....WOW!! I still got lots to learn!! >.<>I'm starting to get really lazy to blog...=P Anyway...let's trace back what happened a few days ago..!!

Wooi Yun's b'day prez and cake!!

*sorry bout the crappy photo*

Wooi Yun's b'day was on the 30th of July btw...told you guyz already mah...lazy to blog...=P

The birthday boy's speech!! LIVE!!

Anywayz...Finn was like so excited in celebrating Wooi Yun's b'day!! Check out the pics!! PB2 sang b'day songs for him for like every subject we had!! It was especially funny during Mr Chandran's aka Mr Chan and Mr Tan's class!! The video was taken during Mr Tan's class btw!! >.<>e b'day card for him!! LOL!!

That was the only fun thing that happened that day...sad ho....the ONLY thing....

Well since that day's over let's get to the next shall we!!

The bazaar at Taylors University College Main Campus/ECA day!!

HaHa!! Pretty cool
huh since the college actually organized a bazaar for the opening of ECA day for the July intake ppl!! The guys were pretty bored cause like it was mostly all girl stuff!! >.<


They had this XPAX thing there and were giving out tickets to the MTV WORLD STAGE event and Jade totally wants to go cause 2PM will be there!! >.<>

Xin Yi's new ring posing with a purple crane

Since there was a bazaar...OBVIOUSLY we would have bought something...Xin Yi bought a purple flower ring...Jade and Su Ann bought bags!! Don't have a pic of Jade's bag but Su Ann's is pretty cool!! Petite like her =)

Su Ann + her cute bag!!

i was right huh!! >.<

And...of course...I BOUGHT SOMETHING TOO!! Check out my cute little mandarin orange octopus!! >.<>
Ain't she cute!! >.<>
Well, that's pretty much what happened...but...WHAT ABOUT TODAY??!!

I tell you guys ah...I TOTALLY HATE DRIVING INSTRUCTORS!! I actually agreed to have a different driving instructor to teach me how to drive on the road...and well he did take me to highways where i can go fast but the max he'd let me was...70 km/h... fast ho...*sarcastic* then we actually got lost and ended up in Putrajaya...another thing is that I wanted to learn how to drive on the road with my AUTO car!! But NOOOOOO he said: drive the MANUAL kancil just like an auto!! What kind of of of!! I dunno what to call it!! It's just ridiculous!! I broke down twice cause i thought it was an auto!! He's an idiot la and somemore he's teaching only involved hand waves!! Now!! How am I supposed to know what his hand is supposed to say!! Bloody idiot the fella!!

*Catches breath* phew...glad I got THAT out!! Well...that's the stories so far...I'll try to update everyday but..NO PROMISES!! HeHe^^ C ya guyz next time!! Buh Bye!!