Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am a horrible blogger


Sorry about that! ><
Man! Am I a horrible blogger!!
I said I was gonna blog more often and I do have things to blog about
but I just don't feel excited blogging about my everyday life...=.="

If any of you follow my nail blog 

You would already know that I LOVE my nail blog A LOT! 
I am totally obsessed with nail art! 
One can get inspiration for nail art from practically anyway! 
For now I'm on Valentines Designs
Here's what I have so far!

If you wanna see more then check out CRNailz!
Blogging on nail polish and nail art gives me excitement in my life
though a lot of people around me think I've been spending WAYYY
too much money on this but they don't know how much it's already
helped me...if you wanna know how nail art has helped me then 
click on my the very first post on'll know then!

This blog will keep reviving over and over again hence the title
never dying because I will be here to update it...
once every blue moon! 


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The HOT Goodies!

Time for the goodies!! XD

Here's everything inside the bag! 

1. Panda Town coupons

2. Porto Romano postcard

3. Skin Food free samples coupon

4. Strips Waxing Coupon
I noticed when I uploaded all the photos that I missed this one out...=(

5. Kotex...must I say more? =P

6. Eve body powder and swabs 
-only for women-

7. Mentos Xyli Ice

8. Cars 2 merchandise from TGV

9.. Hot Magazine
The goodie bag would never be complete without a copy! =)

Till the next post!

Hot Hot X'Mas

I'm sorry for the long wait! 
It's been almost 2 weeks since Hot Magazines X'Mas Party at Porto Romano! 
Here are the photos! XD

They posted this on their Facebook page a month before the party! 
I was so excited when I got the invite! XD

But we arrived REALLY late!! =(
Still had fun though! 

First thing I saw when I walked in was this!!! So cute!!!

They had free manicures at the party! 
My friends were pretty excited about it!
those aren't my friends btw! =P
If you wanna see the swatches of the manis they got do check my nail blog out! 

They had makeovers too! 
When I heard makeovers I was thinking of more make-up than hair-dos XD

This is my friend Melanie! =)
And that's Liang! YES! He was there!!! XD

We also got to meet a new friend! =)

I love this photo! =) 
but I wish my hair would behave especially at events =(

You see the tree at the back? 
Take a look a this! =D

After the event, we went to Chatime for dessert! =D

The snowman was so cute! 

I love this photo! 
why hair??! why??!!

I shall be revealing the goodies in the next post! >=D

Till the next post!