Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am a horrible blogger


Sorry about that! ><
Man! Am I a horrible blogger!!
I said I was gonna blog more often and I do have things to blog about
but I just don't feel excited blogging about my everyday life...=.="

If any of you follow my nail blog 

You would already know that I LOVE my nail blog A LOT! 
I am totally obsessed with nail art! 
One can get inspiration for nail art from practically anyway! 
For now I'm on Valentines Designs
Here's what I have so far!

If you wanna see more then check out CRNailz!
Blogging on nail polish and nail art gives me excitement in my life
though a lot of people around me think I've been spending WAYYY
too much money on this but they don't know how much it's already
helped me...if you wanna know how nail art has helped me then 
click on my the very first post on'll know then!

This blog will keep reviving over and over again hence the title
never dying because I will be here to update it...
once every blue moon! 


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