Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random day ~ the balance~

OK...there's no hidden meaning behind the title...i'm just sayin that good and bad stuff happened today...which u wanna read first??



Let's just start from the beginning shall we!! XD

Freakin traffic jam at the toll before the Subang Jaya exit on the Kesas Highway...

So freakin annoying lo!! XD Yesterday found out that first class was canceled so happy lo get to sleep a bit more but then ah...IT JUST HAD TO RAIN!! Passed two accidents on the way there somemore!! Took me an hour to reach college!! AN HOUR!! Took me another freakin 30 mins to find parking...actually i
rounded the place like 5 times but no luck so ended up parking at the parking lot across campus...*swt*!!


The good part of the day was when Jade and I had lunch together at the korean restaurant next to burger king...(forgot the name le...) I seriously didn't know what to order I picked the safest dish...Ramen!! XD Damn lame rite I know lol!! It was kimchi ramen so it was kinda interesting since I've only eaten Shin Ramen!! XD And who would have known that the place was so cool!!

Bwahaha!! XD Was so surprised when all these came!!
So didn't know that side dishes were FOC!!
It tasted really good!! Happy~~

This was what Jade ordered...=.=
I think it was something like kimchi soup and rice...
Not sure...oh well!! XD

Ta-da!! Presenting kimchi ramen!! XD
Still got steam rising from it too!!

Nice le...i won't go into detail of what happened during the rest of the day cause like...AHHHH!! complicated la...just kidding!!...I'm just lay LoL!! XDD

That's all for today folks!! XD Buh Bye and C U!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random lunch~

Bwahahaha!! XDD Why am I laughing like this??? Well....I went to Pasta Zanmai with Xin Yi, EC, Edward, Chin, Su Ann, Jia Qi, Chin Cheah, Jia Wen and Jia Qi's fren which i dunno the name...=P

We seperated into 2 groups!! Xin Yi, EC, Chin, Ed
ward and I were in a group and well the others in the other la obviously...=.=
Damn funny lo!! We actually went to the lower ground floor of Sunway Pyramid to get something tasty to eat XD then suddenly Edward goes " Eh, wanna go eat Pasta Zanmai or not??? (pause) it's upstairs..." like that...=.= and it was actually a floor above where we started looking...

Ahhhhhh!! Well...anywayz...Pasta Zanmai was goooooooooood!! I had soft shell crab pasta and it was the same thing i ate the first time i went!! ...dots...thinking... OMG!! Just realized that I went with the exact same ppl the first time I went!! XD HaHa!!

Well...enough bout that!! Get on with the pics!! XD

Yay!! XD
Soft shell crab pasta!!


=) Edward and his macha drink... (=
If you dunno what's macha...GOOGLE IT!!
HeHe^^ macha is green tea lol

And why are there no pics of me you wonder...well...I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE ONE!! XD Damn noob rite...*swt*

Happy happy so now gotta say BuH ByE cause I still got work to do!! XD Next time k!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Random blackout at college

The 28th of's not the first day of sem 3 but it is the day after our sem 2 hols...if not but is...hell week...ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS TILL AS FINALS!!

Got all out sem 2 papers back today...horrible
as usual but quite ok at the same time la...(...dots...)...dunno what that means but moving on...the results were bad la...=.= *not telling what i got*

Today we got random blackout!! XD it was in between classes too so...wanna know what my class wa
s doin??!!

It can all be described in ONE photo...
=) (=

No words are needed...XD

P/S: Dad's car finally came!! means that the MyVi is
totally mine!! XD The happiness of it all!!

HeHe^^ That's about it lo....that's all i can remember at
least!! XD Buh Bye for now....=)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random sights~

I know it's little too early to post something up but I just couldn't help it!! XD

Totally was cam-whoring in my room man!! I like this pic best!! =)

Was aiming for the distant look!!

Too bored liao lol!! but it beats studying anyday!! =P The rest of the pics are on my facebook!! XD Shiok sendiri je!! Bwahaha...

Last day of sem 2 hols le...T.T *sniff* *sniff* have to go back to college... and... try to keep awake in classes...try to crack my brain...*sigh* like that la!! A-LEVELS somemore!! As long as I get enough credits to get into LKW am I so happy!! =)

*There is always a journey that we must all go through,
so do not fight it cause it might lead to some good =)*

What the hell am I crapping bout man!! *slaps self on the forehead*

Bye bye for now~~

A change that saddens the heart~

" A change that saddens the heart...can happen whenever and wherever with whoever... "

( A quote from the heart )

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The random post~

" I have just realised that love isn't so great after all...with all the ups and the's never always a happy ending like in the fairytails...but even so i want to fall in love. "

The 26th of September...ahhh...*sigh* what to say about it le...=.= Nothing much to say actually cause i slept late yesterday and woke up early ( which i hate myself for!! grrr!! ) Facebook-ing in the morn while waiting for noon to come...

The family and I went out for lunch today!! Ate lat chew pan mee at KIN KIN!! ( i dunno how to spell chili in cantonese like seriously!! ) XD it wasn't as nice as my bro said it was but who cares!! lol I'd rather have MIAN TUI MIAN than KIN KIN anyday!! Sadly...there are no pics of the noodles OR the store...cause i totally forgot to take pics!! XD

The rest of the day kinda flew by just like that...well...that's probably cause i took a 5 hour nap but...AH!! NVM bout that!! =P
I thought i should include a pic or 2 so i took pics of my new wardrobe!! =) It's finally here but it's not done yet though lol!! Still no door XD

Well...this is what is looks like...
still kinda empty cause haven't unpacked everything yet...
happy =) happy

Well...that's it for the update so...Buh Bye and C Ya!! >.<

Update? I think...

Me is bored and Xin Yi says blogging is fun...=.=

I went yam cha with Jon and Katrina today!! It was so fun!! Dangerous but fun lol!! >.<>e went home lol...not my fault i have a curfew and they don't....T.T

So dange
rous on the way back...Katrina was already safe at home so next was to send Jon home...well on the way there ah...accidentally hit the curb at the round-a-bout...nth big la..few scratches on the side and no one got hurt...=.= my first dangerous man...

Dad kept calling me and ask
ing where i was somemore...first sms was at 10.30pm...asking me why i wasn't home early rite...then the next call was 11 i think and he asked me where i was and i said "On the way back" which was kind of true cause we WERE goin back...the third call was when i finally reached home =) i parked the car outside...i was so nervous cause of the scratches...suddenly mum came outside!!

I dunno if she was looking at how i parked the car or looking for any dents in it...??!! HOW LA!!?? HOW LA??!! X.X

No pics for this post cause i'm using dad's laptop now and i haven't uploaded the pics...=P there aren't that many anywayz...i think that was
the most exciting news today lol!! >.<

OK i changed my mind!! Here are the pics from the yam cha session!! Thx a bunch guys!!

The blur-ness of it all....
Kat and I tryin to act cool lol!! >.<
Haha!! Us in wong kok!!Jon was there too if u forgot!!
This is what guys look like when the girls talk girl chat!!
Well, there you have adventure for the night...XD see you if i see you!!