Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random sights~

I know it's little too early to post something up but I just couldn't help it!! XD

Totally was cam-whoring in my room man!! I like this pic best!! =)

Was aiming for the distant look!!

Too bored liao lol!! but it beats studying anyday!! =P The rest of the pics are on my facebook!! XD Shiok sendiri je!! Bwahaha...

Last day of sem 2 hols le...T.T *sniff* *sniff* have to go back to college... and... try to keep awake in classes...try to crack my brain...*sigh* like that la!! A-LEVELS somemore!! As long as I get enough credits to get into LKW am I so happy!! =)

*There is always a journey that we must all go through,
so do not fight it cause it might lead to some good =)*

What the hell am I crapping bout man!! *slaps self on the forehead*

Bye bye for now~~

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