Saturday, September 26, 2009

The random post~

" I have just realised that love isn't so great after all...with all the ups and the's never always a happy ending like in the fairytails...but even so i want to fall in love. "

The 26th of September...ahhh...*sigh* what to say about it le...=.= Nothing much to say actually cause i slept late yesterday and woke up early ( which i hate myself for!! grrr!! ) Facebook-ing in the morn while waiting for noon to come...

The family and I went out for lunch today!! Ate lat chew pan mee at KIN KIN!! ( i dunno how to spell chili in cantonese like seriously!! ) XD it wasn't as nice as my bro said it was but who cares!! lol I'd rather have MIAN TUI MIAN than KIN KIN anyday!! Sadly...there are no pics of the noodles OR the store...cause i totally forgot to take pics!! XD

The rest of the day kinda flew by just like that...well...that's probably cause i took a 5 hour nap but...AH!! NVM bout that!! =P
I thought i should include a pic or 2 so i took pics of my new wardrobe!! =) It's finally here but it's not done yet though lol!! Still no door XD

Well...this is what is looks like...
still kinda empty cause haven't unpacked everything yet...
happy =) happy

Well...that's it for the update so...Buh Bye and C Ya!! >.<

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