Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random lunch~

Bwahahaha!! XDD Why am I laughing like this??? Well....I went to Pasta Zanmai with Xin Yi, EC, Edward, Chin, Su Ann, Jia Qi, Chin Cheah, Jia Wen and Jia Qi's fren which i dunno the name...=P

We seperated into 2 groups!! Xin Yi, EC, Chin, Ed
ward and I were in a group and well the others in the other la obviously...=.=
Damn funny lo!! We actually went to the lower ground floor of Sunway Pyramid to get something tasty to eat XD then suddenly Edward goes " Eh, wanna go eat Pasta Zanmai or not??? (pause) it's upstairs..." like that...=.= and it was actually a floor above where we started looking...

Ahhhhhh!! Well...anywayz...Pasta Zanmai was goooooooooood!! I had soft shell crab pasta and it was the same thing i ate the first time i went!! ...dots...thinking... OMG!! Just realized that I went with the exact same ppl the first time I went!! XD HaHa!!

Well...enough bout that!! Get on with the pics!! XD

Yay!! XD
Soft shell crab pasta!!


=) Edward and his macha drink... (=
If you dunno what's macha...GOOGLE IT!!
HeHe^^ macha is green tea lol

And why are there no pics of me you wonder...well...I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE ONE!! XD Damn noob rite...*swt*

Happy happy so now gotta say BuH ByE cause I still got work to do!! XD Next time k!!

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