Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update? I think...

Me is bored and Xin Yi says blogging is fun...=.=

I went yam cha with Jon and Katrina today!! It was so fun!! Dangerous but fun lol!! >.<>e went home lol...not my fault i have a curfew and they don't....T.T

So dange
rous on the way back...Katrina was already safe at home so next was to send Jon home...well on the way there ah...accidentally hit the curb at the round-a-bout...nth big la..few scratches on the side and no one got hurt...=.= my first dangerous man...

Dad kept calling me and ask
ing where i was somemore...first sms was at 10.30pm...asking me why i wasn't home early rite...then the next call was 11 i think and he asked me where i was and i said "On the way back" which was kind of true cause we WERE goin back...the third call was when i finally reached home =) i parked the car outside...i was so nervous cause of the scratches...suddenly mum came outside!!

I dunno if she was looking at how i parked the car or looking for any dents in it...??!! HOW LA!!?? HOW LA??!! X.X

No pics for this post cause i'm using dad's laptop now and i haven't uploaded the pics...=P there aren't that many anywayz...i think that was
the most exciting news today lol!! >.<

OK i changed my mind!! Here are the pics from the yam cha session!! Thx a bunch guys!!

The blur-ness of it all....
Kat and I tryin to act cool lol!! >.<
Haha!! Us in wong kok!!Jon was there too if u forgot!!
This is what guys look like when the girls talk girl chat!!
Well, there you have adventure for the night...XD see you if i see you!!

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  1. roar! u promised to give me a wild ride one day when i'm in kl. haha. and it's normal to go bam bam for a