Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bon Ga Korean BBQ

I've never had Korean BBQ before and I was really eager to try some!! XD Thank my lucky stars and my brother that I got to try it for the first time for my DAD's BIRTHDAY!! XD

We went ALL the way to Solaris Mont Kiara!!! =S Talk about far for barbeque!!! XD 

The place was like most korean restaurants I've been to!! XD Go up the stairs and there it is!! XP This place was considered HUGE!! They owned 3 levels of their part of the building!! It was pretty packed by the time we got there which was about 7pm!!! XD We had to share one of the rooms on the third floor!! =S

Goin out for dinner with family is nice! =)

 This is my big bro!! =D 
He's ordering for us since he's the expert!! XD

If you've eaten korean before you would know that with anything you order comes side dishes!! XD Well...this you A LOT of side dishes!! XD

This was one side of the table!! XD

 The whole table was full of side dishes!! XD

The place even came with complimentary Kimchi soup!! XD The soup wasn't that nice...not even the other soup that me bro ordered!! =( It wasn't thick enough!! =( Well...the place is good for BBQ so I guess they don't give priority to other dishes!! =P

  The free soup!
 The soup we ordered!

Jade!! XD Remember the pancakes we like to eat at Da Sarang!! XD They have it here but supersized!! XD

 These are really really big pancakes!! XD
I prefer the smaller ones though cuz they're bite size!! XD

OK-lah...enough stalling!! XP Time for the BBQ pics!! =D

 This is pork when they just went on!! XD
If you're wondering what the white thing's a mushroom!! XD

 This is pork AFTER they've cooked for a while!! XD
Pork is yummy!! XD 

 This is chicken...I think!! XD 
Wasn't that nice...

Well!! XD That's all for Bon Ga!! XD It's 2 roads away from Tenji I think!! =S Not too sure!! XP The barbeque there is good but the kimchi ain't so nice!! =( For BBQ...the normal price is...EXPENSIVE!! so this place isn't that diff!! =S

C U!! <3  

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jason Derulo Live in KL

There was a contest ad in the STAR newspaper for tickets to Jason Derulo Live in KL!! XD I didn't expect to win but HEY lucky me!! XD Anywayz the event was held at the Dragonfly Club. If you're wondering where it's right next to HAKKA restaurant!! XD

 I took the pic after the event!! Kinda last minute and all! =S

There was a pretty big crowd at the club!! XD The first thing that tipped it off was the was it hard to find some!! XD Second thing that tipped it off was the smoke!! @.@ Man!! There was a lot of it!! 

Super packed now ain't it!! XD But there were actually a lot of empty spots among the crowd!! =D Jade and I managed to squeeze through the crowd and got to like the fifth row in front of the stage!! XD

The event was supposed to start at 7.30pm but like most started LATE!! Jason came out at like 8.45pm!! XD Jade and I didn't have to wait as long as the others since we arrived late but still...waiting that long...=.=...

 Our hosts for the night!! XD JJ and EAN from the morning crew!! XD
Did you notice that JJ is posing with a 3?! XD
Damn cool!! Got to take pics with them! XD I was kinda nuts that night!! XP

 Jason performing one of his songs!! 
 He was super passionate when singing!! XD

 One lucky fan got to go on stage for one of the songs!!
She looks super nervous rite!! XP
 Totally worth it since Jason actually put his arm around her!! XD

After the performance, Jason came out to sign his CD which had to be bought outside the club!! Apparently you had to leave if you didn't have CD but Jade and I hung around a little longer to take pics with JJ and EAN!! XD

 Jason waiting to autograph his CDs!! XD

Lucky that Jade and I decided to hang around to cause well...WE GOT SPOTTED!! XP by HOT magazine!! =D  Click HERE for their FB link!! =)

Such an INCREDIBLE night for the two of us!! XD You didn't think that this was the end did you...>=) Bwahahhaha =P

Here are some vids of the performances!! XD

Ok...I'm sorry but it was taking really long to upload the vids...and I wasn't sure if it was really uploading either!! =( So I'll post the vids in another post K!! XD Enjoy the pics first!! XD


Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

The Bon Odori Festival is held every year at the Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam in the month of July. Bon Odori is a dance of a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of ones ancestors.

 The fans that were given out free at the event and most of the sponsors! XD

I went last year and I was really excited to go this year. As usual the place was PACKED full of people!! XD The event starts at 6pm and ends at 9.30pm.

  It was pretty crowded BEFORE and AFTER the performance started!! XD

The dancing and drum playing performed by the students was GREAT!! XD
Great job guys and gals! >=D

And as usual la...the food was super over priced!!! =S There was sushi king and jusco and other stalls there selling japanese food like sushi and bentos!! XD

So naturally it was the first thing I bought!! =D
 Japanese fried mochi Dango with teriyaki sauce!!
Chicken katsu bento...I think...XD
There was a SUPER LONG line for this!! XD 
Shaved ice with flavoring and milk!! XD
Super sweet!! XP
I practically ate ice-cream for dinner!! XD
Top : Vanilla mochi ice-cream *thumbs up*
Bottom : Taiyaki with vanilla ice-cream and red bean filling!! *double thumbs up*

This is what happens when you eat ice-cream for dinner!! XD
Brain freeze!! and teeth EXTREMELY cold!! XD
Had fun!! Especially since I came with a good friend!! XD And I got to meet up with some of my highschool friends whom I haven't seen in a year plus!! XD 

 Chantelly and I!! XD
 Bumped into Jin and his friend too!! XD

Another great thing was that I got to meet new friends!! XD Intro-ed by Chantel!! XD 

We all went to SS2 Murni's after the festival ended cause well...we were REALLY hungry!! XD Murni's review in next post!! XD Up very soon!! XP C Ya!! XD 

P/S P/S P/S!!!!  One thing that I DIDN'T like about this years Bon Odori was that...THEY DIDN'T SELL THE HUGE JAP BALLOONS!!! =( I so wanted another one...=(

 Look how cool the balloon is!! =( 
This is Xin Yi...she didn't get to go this year...=(
Live it through here gurl!!! XD 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I won the tix that day and I was so uber happy!! XD and u wanna know why i'm so happy?! =D It's because...

Out of all the performances...I'm super excited to see tokio hotel live!!! XD

Other performers include :



I just got them today!! XD So happy!! XP 

See you guys there if you're goin!! XD 
Peace!! V =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crepe Daisuki!!

OK...I'm not feeling very well right now so I'll make this short!! XD

I went to Pavilion that day and found out that they have a japanese crepe store!! XD Kyaa~~~ =D Super excited when I found out so I just HAD to try!! XD

This is the shops name LOL it was on a HUGE <3 in front of the shop!! XD

Since I don't know how to read jap..I'm guessing this is the name in Jap!!! XP

8D'' Looks yummlicious rite!! XD

Since they didn't have the same flavor I had in Japan...I opted for the 'H' which was chocolate cake banana something...=.=...can't rmb!! ahhhh =P It was a cold crepe with whipped cream, sliced bananas, a slice of CHOCOLATE CAKE and a chocolate drizzle!! I thought that the cake was just for the photo but they actually put a cake in it!!! XD

and you wanna know what I think...


I'm so so so so so happy now that there's a place that sells japanese crepes in KL!! XD But the price it kinda high for sweets!! =S The one I ordered was RM7.90!! O.O The others are around RM6.90 to RM10.90. Still worth it!! XD

Go try it people!! XD Cause I highly recommend it!! XP I don't have a photo of the one I ordered cause well...I was too busy nomming away at the yummliciousness!! XD