Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crepe Daisuki!!

OK...I'm not feeling very well right now so I'll make this short!! XD

I went to Pavilion that day and found out that they have a japanese crepe store!! XD Kyaa~~~ =D Super excited when I found out so I just HAD to try!! XD

This is the shops name LOL it was on a HUGE <3 in front of the shop!! XD

Since I don't know how to read jap..I'm guessing this is the name in Jap!!! XP

8D'' Looks yummlicious rite!! XD

Since they didn't have the same flavor I had in Japan...I opted for the 'H' which was chocolate cake banana something...=.=...can't rmb!! ahhhh =P It was a cold crepe with whipped cream, sliced bananas, a slice of CHOCOLATE CAKE and a chocolate drizzle!! I thought that the cake was just for the photo but they actually put a cake in it!!! XD

and you wanna know what I think...


I'm so so so so so happy now that there's a place that sells japanese crepes in KL!! XD But the price it kinda high for sweets!! =S The one I ordered was RM7.90!! O.O The others are around RM6.90 to RM10.90. Still worth it!! XD

Go try it people!! XD Cause I highly recommend it!! XP I don't have a photo of the one I ordered cause well...I was too busy nomming away at the yummliciousness!! XD

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