Monday, July 12, 2010

Unmistaken Child

Alright...I have to admit la...I'm not so much a religion person...I do support my religion but only to a certain extent!!! =x My aunt is dedicated to mum, my aunt, my bro and I went to a movie screening of a Buddhist documentary in Tibet.

When my mum told me I had to go for the screening...I was like " I have to?!" and when I got there I was still thinking the same thing...BUT!!
When the documentary started...I was stuck.

The story is about a monk named Tenzin Zopa whom master Lama Konchog which passed away has to go on a journey to find his masters reincarnated self. He travels all over Tibet in search of the child which is the reincarnation of his late master. With the clues given by his late master through various ways, he finds the child and with that another journey begins. 

A tear jerking, funny and meaningful documentary! =)
My rating is 10/10 'cause I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen!! =D

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