Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bon Ga Korean BBQ

I've never had Korean BBQ before and I was really eager to try some!! XD Thank my lucky stars and my brother that I got to try it for the first time for my DAD's BIRTHDAY!! XD

We went ALL the way to Solaris Mont Kiara!!! =S Talk about far for barbeque!!! XD 

The place was like most korean restaurants I've been to!! XD Go up the stairs and there it is!! XP This place was considered HUGE!! They owned 3 levels of their part of the building!! It was pretty packed by the time we got there which was about 7pm!!! XD We had to share one of the rooms on the third floor!! =S

Goin out for dinner with family is nice! =)

 This is my big bro!! =D 
He's ordering for us since he's the expert!! XD

If you've eaten korean before you would know that with anything you order comes side dishes!! XD Well...this you A LOT of side dishes!! XD

This was one side of the table!! XD

 The whole table was full of side dishes!! XD

The place even came with complimentary Kimchi soup!! XD The soup wasn't that nice...not even the other soup that me bro ordered!! =( It wasn't thick enough!! =( Well...the place is good for BBQ so I guess they don't give priority to other dishes!! =P

  The free soup!
 The soup we ordered!

Jade!! XD Remember the pancakes we like to eat at Da Sarang!! XD They have it here but supersized!! XD

 These are really really big pancakes!! XD
I prefer the smaller ones though cuz they're bite size!! XD

OK-lah...enough stalling!! XP Time for the BBQ pics!! =D

 This is pork when they just went on!! XD
If you're wondering what the white thing's a mushroom!! XD

 This is pork AFTER they've cooked for a while!! XD
Pork is yummy!! XD 

 This is chicken...I think!! XD 
Wasn't that nice...

Well!! XD That's all for Bon Ga!! XD It's 2 roads away from Tenji I think!! =S Not too sure!! XP The barbeque there is good but the kimchi ain't so nice!! =( For BBQ...the normal price is...EXPENSIVE!! so this place isn't that diff!! =S

C U!! <3  

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