Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gaming Vs Blogging

I know that I've been MIA (missing in action if you don't know what it stands for! XD) from the blogging scene for a while...ok...for a LONG while!! =P Well...that's cuz I was gaming a lot!! XD My friend intro-ed me to Dragonica...I know it's a really old game but somehow I got really excited playing online RPG games again!! XD

I've tried out all of the primary characters already! XD
From left : Thief, Warrior, Archer and Magician.
These the most basic of jobs...I think most rpg games have these job types or something along the lines!! XD

I was a gamer chick before I became a blogger...and well...truth be told I'm still not so used to blogging...=S Games suck me in more ^^ So now I'll try doing BOTH moderately!! XD 
If it's blogging Vs gaming...to me...gaming would definately win with a sucker punch right in the kisser!! XD

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