Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twilight saga : Eclipse

Ok...I have to say this first la that I'm the type of person that likes reading the book before watching the movie. In my opinion it is BETTER to read the book before the movie...=.=...I totally failed with Harry Potter and Eragon...=.=...

Anywayz!! I've read the entire twilight saga so I was really excited to watch the movie!! =) I didn't really like the first 2 movies and frankly...this is no better...=(

Eclipse is the continuation of new moon of Victoria's revenge plan on Bella and the continuation of the rivalry of love between the werewolf and the vampire a.k.a Jacob and Edward.

The beginning of the movie already spells what to come...a lot of smooching...and I mean...A LOT!! =.= I think practically 1/6 of the movie were smooching scenes...good for the girls to get excited la but too much of it ain't so fun...=P
If we're talking about the plot...i would just like to say...'WHAT THE HELL??!!'...what's with all the flashbacks?! We wanna see what's going on in the present!! A flash or two is fine but the entire back story?! =.= the scenes with the newborns were irrelevant dissapointed with the scenes that were used in the movie...David could have done SERIOUSLY!

If we're talking bout the action scenes...then like AWESOME!! Not as awesome as Iron Man but still!! XD Love the chase scene in the forest! =D 

But sounded to me more like a comedy lo...cause i heard a lot of laughing and I DID a lot of laughing!! XD So off the genre already!! =S
The fav part la...the jealousy fight between Edward and Jacob!! XD Gotta love those parts la!! XD I think I've said TOO MUCH already!! =S Let's leave it here ok since some people haven't watched yet!! XD

Here are some teaser photos...with credits to Jin XD

Ahhhh...the main couple!! XD
Bella and Edward
Bella and Jake
Oh the jealous-ness!! XD
Sun Vs Moon 

My overall rating including the plot and the story knowledge and the crazy girl that loves hot bodies is 6.5/10 =S. Well this is my view on the whole thing la!! XD Now go watch the movie and tell me what you think!! XD Shoo Shoo!! XP

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