Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

The Bon Odori Festival is held every year at the Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam in the month of July. Bon Odori is a dance of a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of ones ancestors.

 The fans that were given out free at the event and most of the sponsors! XD

I went last year and I was really excited to go this year. As usual the place was PACKED full of people!! XD The event starts at 6pm and ends at 9.30pm.

  It was pretty crowded BEFORE and AFTER the performance started!! XD

The dancing and drum playing performed by the students was GREAT!! XD
Great job guys and gals! >=D

And as usual la...the food was super over priced!!! =S There was sushi king and jusco and other stalls there selling japanese food like sushi and bentos!! XD

So naturally it was the first thing I bought!! =D
 Japanese fried mochi Dango with teriyaki sauce!!
Chicken katsu bento...I think...XD
There was a SUPER LONG line for this!! XD 
Shaved ice with flavoring and milk!! XD
Super sweet!! XP
I practically ate ice-cream for dinner!! XD
Top : Vanilla mochi ice-cream *thumbs up*
Bottom : Taiyaki with vanilla ice-cream and red bean filling!! *double thumbs up*

This is what happens when you eat ice-cream for dinner!! XD
Brain freeze!! and teeth EXTREMELY cold!! XD
Had fun!! Especially since I came with a good friend!! XD And I got to meet up with some of my highschool friends whom I haven't seen in a year plus!! XD 

 Chantelly and I!! XD
 Bumped into Jin and his friend too!! XD

Another great thing was that I got to meet new friends!! XD Intro-ed by Chantel!! XD 

We all went to SS2 Murni's after the festival ended cause well...we were REALLY hungry!! XD Murni's review in next post!! XD Up very soon!! XP C Ya!! XD 

P/S P/S P/S!!!!  One thing that I DIDN'T like about this years Bon Odori was that...THEY DIDN'T SELL THE HUGE JAP BALLOONS!!! =( I so wanted another one...=(

 Look how cool the balloon is!! =( 
This is Xin Yi...she didn't get to go this year...=(
Live it through here gurl!!! XD 

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