Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lappie makes me Smiley

=) I'm like super happy today!! XD You can tell by the title already that I got a new LAPTOP!!! XD Thank you daddy for buying it for me =)

A lot of people ask why I got what I got but I asked around and I checked online...=S...I think it's quite ok but I can't completely confirm that without using it for a bit!! XD The price was OUTRAGEOUS!! =P Again...

I got the Fujitsu Lifebook SH760!!

From the top! XD Super shiny ain't it!! =D

The inside...=P super shiny too!! XD

Ok...I seriously don't know how to take photos of laptops!! =P Super pwetty rite!! XD It's a newer model of an older model...(does that make sense le...XD) They only have this model in black =( So wanted a white one...but still good!! XD

Specifications :

Intel Core i5-540M
13.3 inch HD screen
4GB Memory
500GB hard disk space
About 1.6kg

I don't really know how to do this la!! XP
So you can check it out here

Dad wanted to order it online after I picked it but so convenient that there was a PC Show at Time Square!! XD It's for the grand opening of the new IT Centre!! =D There was even a lion dance!! XD 
Last day is tomorrow so better get there fast!! XD 
Hitachi 500GB external drive going for less than RM200!! XD
Dad couldn't believe the prices!! @.@

I'm so happy with my new lappie!! =D Trying to install all the great apps there are!! XD Like...Photoshop!! XD and Total Commander!! XD and ACDSee!! XD

That's all I have for this post =) Hope you liked although it was super noob on technology review!! XD

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