Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random visit ~ been so lazy to post stuff the page will be on but I'm too lazy to type...too much rite...*swt*

Anywayz...last Thursday was the first day of AS for me!! XD Not bad it I do say so myself!! All that studying paid
off lol!! After the paper ah...Jade, Xin Yi, EC and I went to Starbucks cause I was like "Yay!! Let's celebrate the completion of the first paper!! XD" LOLX!! Pretty happy happy lo the four of us =D *big grin*


JADE!! XD Why is this the only pic I have of you that time??!!
The brain-freeze-ness!! =P

Green tea Frappuccino with whipped cream!! XD
New taste..OooO...Jade h
ad 1 too lol!!

Xin Yi and EC!! XD
EC too pai seh le!! & Xin Yi happy with her machiato!!

Bwahaha!! C'est Moi!! XD
Green tea Frapp taste goood!! =P

All so happy that time!! HeHe^^ Nothin' much happened on Friday cause like no one wanted to go to college to study and there was absolutely nothing to do at home....there was...ONE...thing that I did out of character though...

=.= sleeping for half a day was painful yet relaxing...
if you get the meaning of it all...=D

After all that...brings us to TODAY!! Woke up at 9 to watch "Phineas and Ferb Cliptastic Marathon!!" don't make that expression!! It's still cool to watch cartoons!! XD Happy Happy~~ cousin came over....his purpose...lunch...=.=...I know rite...*swt*!! McD for lunch so not bad la haha!! =P Weird but he went back then came back with his bro for dinner...=.=...his bro is cool..=)..."Yeah! I said it! Happy?!" though he says he's awesome too much!! lol!!

All in all not a bad day haha!! I even got round to a nap in the afternoon..=) Now don't you guys go thinking that I'm a pig cause I slept at 3.30 on Friday!! What was I doing??!! Reading a book my bro gave me!! "CITY OF BONES"...nice book!! XD

Now...I say Buh Bye to all and to all a Buh Bye!! =)(= C ya next time!! XDD

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