Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random b'day~

Was totally too lazy to update on the day itself!! XD was JIA QI'S B'DAY last friday!! I think it's best described with pics lol!! So here comes the slideshow!! XDD

Before the b'day party!! XD
Guys and Mr. Tan dunno talking bout what le!!

Yeah...trying to decide what to eat!!
Jia Qi's b'day party at Pizza Hut
!! XD

B'day girl with Su Ann's big camera!! XD
Ain't she happy lo!!

I like this pic of me!! XD
So sad la... i lost my leather band later that day...
=) --> T.T

Su Ann and her big camera!! XD

Jade and I !! XD
Love this pic too!! =P

The Pepsi FINALLY came!! XD

The soup!! XD

The guys were too hungry le!! XD

The girls on the other hand were chatting away...

Well...that was about it lo...we had lunch we got full we were happy =) then we all went our seperate ways!! XD sound so emo lol!!

After that the guys dunno go where...same with Song Kiat and Alisa...the rest of us though went to Sunway Pyramid...where I lost my leather band T.T...

=) *grin* HeHe^^ took this in front of Jade's house lol
Xin Yi and I were so late to buss class after that XD

That's all for this post!! =D Happy le...

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