Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random awakement~

I don't know if it's weird if I blog at 3.52 in the morning but I'm going to do it anyway!! XD

Lets see and update of the past few
days...Hmmm...Ah!! Friday!! Jade, Alisa and I went to Pasta Zanmai for lunch!! OMG!! It's still so freakin expensive eventhough we split the bill...=.=...well actually we went there to so something but it's a SECRET rite now lol. Wait until it's revealed la =P


Yay!! (Quote Alisa~ =P)
Seafood pasta i think..=.=

The second pasta dish!!
Katsu white sauce pasta I think...=.=

Jade-chan!! XD

Alisa-chan!! XD

So perasan rite!! XD

Weee~~didn't think we'd ordered dessert now did cha!! XD
Azuki macha something...=.= Alisa's pick!! XD

Damn happy lo this woman eating her azuki macha something...=.=
Jade and I ate some too!!
XD Bwahaha!!

The second dessert!!...Strawberry parfait!! XD
I thought it would come out...well...tastier...so dissapointed...=.=

Anyway!! That was it for lunch...so satisfied after that lol!! XD

Saturday and Sunday weren't exciting cause I didn't go out...was at home watching series like Reaper and NCIS...=.= I know rite...

Monday mah study lo...dunno you believe or not but...NEVERMIND!! XDD I suddenly fell asleep too early then i suddenly woke up in the middle of the morning...end up like now lo!! =P

Later going to college for study group with classmates!! *sigh* study somemore...=.=...sad thing to do but have to so...OH WELL!! XD

Aiyah!! Late already la!! OR Early already la!! XD Going back to sleep now!! =) Buh Bye and until next time k!!

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