Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random unusual~

You wanna know what's so unusual??? Well...I actually PAINTED MY NAILS!! XD All Jade and Xin Yi's fault!! XD ( It's a praise!! Bwahaha!! )

I'm like super noob at this nail stuff....lik
e seriously...

Here come the pics!!! XD

The mess...and this was the 2nd attempt too...=.=
Try imagining what the 1st attempt was since I had to have a 2nd..

I thought this angle was nice..=)
The thing on the 4th finger looks weird rite..=.=...failed attempt

A heart??
*shrugs shoulders*

Truthfully...I feel pretty self accomplished that I actually did my nails since I didn't really do it when I was young...=.=...XD

Random unusual : Random = Suddenly did it
Unusual = Out of character

=) Well, my choice so it's fine...that's all for now...Buh Bye..C YA!!

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