Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taylors Open Day 1 and 2!!

HeHe^^ That time of the year for open day le!! =P I like working open days for some reason and it's NOT just for the money!! XD $$ But then ah...June is such a slow season...and I mean REALLY REALLY slow...died of boredom overdose twice now!! XD

Yeah!! Part of the crew lol!! XD
From left : Amritha, Fazlin, Kelly, Me and Farhan.

We were super and totally bored outta our minds!! @@ We just needed to camwhore!! Bwahahah!! =P The staff were bored too b
y the lack of people showing up for the open day!! XD Don't believe me? Well...look at this!! XD

Awww..didn't come out that well!! T_T Playin with Picasa again if you don't know what I mean!! =( The counselors were cam-whoring too!! XD

The crowd had to come in sooner or later so it ended
up like this =)

Still not that many ppl hor...=.=...what crowd la!! XD

In the end also we got bored!! XD Especially Kelly! =P She made a tower of pens!! XD Bwahahaha
She's THAT bored!! XD This is only the first day too!! XD

Here comes a flood of photos from Day 2!! XD

OMG!! I finally did it!! XD I finished uploading the photos!! XD Weeee =P All the photos from the second day of open day!! XD Super random rite some of them!! XP But we all had fun in the end la =)

See you at the next open day!! XD

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