Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Long Drive Around

Weeeee...=) Sis-in-law and I went to buy KFC and McD for dinner. Since my car was blocked I took the Altis instead!! XD First time driving a LONG car =) Mum was kinda worried since it was getting dark and it was my first time but I was confident!! =D It was so different from driving the myvi lol!! =3 The breaks were so sensitive and the power steering was so WEAK!! =( Took a lot of effort to turn the wheel...or maybe I'm just weak!! XD Don't have any photos but the experience was cool I'll tell you that. =)

Going to Sunway Pyramid to watch Toy Story 3 tomorrow with Jon!! XD Can't wait!! =D Going to give in me application for uni tomorrow too. =)

I promise to blog on something more interesting tomorrow O.K!!! XD

This was pretty nicely done. =)
Credits to Wan Yu and ACDSee.

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