Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burning Chili's!!

Let's start with the beginning of the day shall we! =)
I went for a morning walk this morning and I brou
ght my dog along.
He was so excited that he jumped all the way out of
the gate.
I wasn't ready when I put the leash on him so
he knew to wait and sat down staring at the gate.

There he is waiting for me to get ready while staring at the gate... out of the house and up the hill we went.
As proud as my dog was he started barking at all the dogs we passed.
As he did that, I tried to stop him while choosing a song from my playlist and juggling the umbrella with the leash...
What a day...what a day...

To make matters worse, when we got to the top of the hill we saw another dog...walking on it's own no owner in sight but a collar I saw so how could it be? A dog let loose by the owner for a morning walk or an escapee that ran out while the owner backed out of the house?
That dog was scary I can tell you that with a yellow smear of paint at the side of it's back...pitiful as it may seem I was still scared for my dog was stupid enough to bark at did not bark back nor did it look mad but I was still afraid as it followed us as we continued
on our walk...
Afraid it may attack, I turned back,

As I did so, so did the dog, I tried to scare it away by hitting the road with my umbrella...I succeeded the first time but the only the first time...

When I got to my road I sped down the hill!! Running as fast as my legs could take me with my dog tired as well following me down the hill, we made it home safe and sound and me left with a burning sen
sation in my legs...but relieved that I was not hurt this morning. =)

The before and AFTER the incident...I was so excited to go for a morning walk but after that...OMG!! look how tired I here's my see a stray!!! but you'll be like the after image la!!

The morning was bad but I had a lunch date with Chantelly later!! XD I got to MidValley by 1pm as we agreed but OMG!! The parking was UNBELIEVABLE!! I drove around the Gardens parking
lot for 30 minutes and STILL couldn't find a parking spot!! In the end I gave up and just parked somewhere that would interupt the traffic and block any cars. I may be boasting but I am so considerate. XD

I was already late for lunch and I made her wait so long and it was her BIRTHDAY lunch too!! Sorry Chant!! =S Well, we got to eat Chili's in the end so we're so happy. Saw a bunch of the graduated CPU students there too! XD Ahhhh...Chili' love it!! XD Here's the menu fo
r the day!! XD

Cold BOTTOMLESS lite coke and apple juice. =)
BOTTOMLESS Tostada Chips.
This was before the main course came!! XD We were THAT hungry! =P
Monterey Chicken for Chantelly. It was super yummy!! XD
And for me...a Classic Bacon Burger. =)
When they say BIG mouth bites they mean BIG mouth bites!! XD
Didn't quite like the bacon...not crispy...=(

That was lunch!! XD took us like...uhhh...2+ hours to finish?! XD It was a lot to eat!! XP Well, lunch made my day!! But lunch also made a HUGE burning gappingn hole in my wallet...=.=...Damn sad bout that...Now I'm BROKE!! B.R.O.K.E BROKE!! Nothing much more to tell other than my brothers getting all hyped for the World Cup!! XD

Well...that's all to tell today...blogging is tiring...-.-...nitez all =)

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