Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Petit déjeuner et déjeuner à Delifrance 1

Breakfast and Lunch at Delifrance.

The wonders of what to do during the one month break before uni starts... I decided to try the Delifrance 'Amazing RM6 Spaghetti Deals' which twins with the Delifrance '50% off Le-Matin Breakfast Medley' A very interesting offer which ends 31st July!! =)

Ok...the flyers came out pretty small and blurry!! XD I got them from the website so cannot blame meif cannot read!! XD Can go to http://www.delifrance.com.my and check it out though =)

Well...since there's no one at home to cook and I was lazy I decided to drive to leisure mall for lunch!! XD I had the Pasta Chicken Bolognaise with a cup of sprite.

It looks like a small portion rite...but believe me that I was REALLY full when I finished it and had half a glass of sprite left!!! XD So the spaghetti was RM6 plus the sprite is RM9 plus service tax and govt tac makes it a total of RM10.35...=.=...when you heard RM6 for spaghetti you just didn't believe it rite then all the tax comes in...=.=...lame...

If you wanna know if the offer is worth it...i say...NOT!!
! The spaghetti tasted horrible!! the garlic bread was quite good since it was crunchy and all and the antenna looking thing was pretty good LOL I think it was carrot stripes!! XD

If you want a meal that will make you full and is cheap just order the pasta no drink!! That would be ok but if you want to eat something tasty and be happy afterwards and not just be full I suggest you DON'T take the offer...=(

I'm going to delifrance again tomorrow for breakfast a
s it says on the flyer that you can get a free serving of bread pudding when you go back the next day for breakfast...apparently the bread pudding is a specialty so why pass up something that might taste better than the spaghetti!! XD

This is not related but after being stuck in a traffic jam for like 45 minutes I got to see something very pretty..=) I did not see a hot guy or a hot girl but I did see 7 colours shimmering in the sky...yes...I saw a rainbow...after the afternoon rain...

Isn't the rainbow pwetttyyyy...it's not all that clear since I took it with me phone cam but still pretty all the same!! XD Almost wanted to look if there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...=D

That's all for today's post!! XD Check out tomorrows bout the Delifrance breakfast offer!! XD I hope it tastes better than lunch!! =P But everyone knows that Delifrance pastries are tasty!! =)

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