Sunday, June 27, 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

OMG!! It's been hell trying to make these collages!!! Hmmph!! Oh well but I did it in the end =) and I'm quite happy with the outcome!! XD


Ok..ok...I know everyone talking bout urbanscapes are talking bout the performances...but...I was BROKE!! =( So I didn't buy a ticket and it was a last minute thing. =) So I enjoyed the free stuff!! XD I'm so Malaysian rite!! Bwahahaha =P

Ok...=.=...I'm like so annoyed with blogspot right now...=.=...cause the font is so messed up now...the collage came out pretty small but still can see lol =) All the tents were so far apart and it was SO HOT!! O.o There were postcards, lomos, signs, cupcakes, t-shirts, and Dooodolls!! XD for sale. There was like a bazaar and TONS of clothes for sale!! XD Oh yeah and it was the first time I've put the blogspot address onto the collage =)

Ok...I LOVE this collage =) This was the electric tea party performance and It was AWESOME!! XD Electronic sounds were made when one of their hands was on one of the metal balls in the corners and the other hand in the water in the teacups!!! Each metal ball makes a different sound and they can actually make a SICK BEAT with it!! XD Damn cool performance!! XD

These are some of the photos of me, Jin, the bloggers and the HELP ppl!! XD Jin's got lots of friends that were there!!! Like A LOT!! XP Oh yeah...=.=...most of them went for the BEAST event later that day!!! XD So lucky!! =( As I've said...I'm I didn't get a ticket...=.=...

I thought this piece of art was pretty cool!! =) I thought it read 'OEMO KRA SI' but turned out it was 'DEMO KRA SI' XD Damn lame rite and it turns out the artist was on a lunch break and it was NOT finished yet!! XD Went back later to enjoy some air-con and saw the artist sitting in front of it drawing...=.=...regret that I didn't take a shot of the finished artwork...=(

The mystery of the red One of Jin's friends the blogger had a red urbanscape band instead of a green band like everyone else...we thought it was a media band but he said it was a band for under 18 kids so even now I still dunno why he had a RED one!! XD

Weeee....this is the timeline of the whole day. =) The 2.49 pm was really HOT!! Like OMG la!! I like the other shots cause it was cooler =P I always have the same angle of shot!! XD The right side is my good side apparently!! XP

That's all for Urbanscapes 2010!! I've got nothing else to write so I'll stop here...hope you enjoyed me insight. =)

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