Sunday, June 13, 2010


Weeee Prom...and prom only means...THE END OF A-LEVELS!!
XD Woo Hoo

Oh yeah!! Boo Yeah!! XD

Firstly must show off prom nails lol XD

Yeah!! Xin Yi, Jade, Jia Wen and my nails!! XD

I don't mean to brag but I look so pwetty!! XD
Compliments to Melanie Low for the make-up lessons and the make-up!! XD Love you che!! =)
We had such a fun nite! =)
Everyone was so pwetty and h
andsome not just me yah!! XD

Great performances by the dance groups and caprice!! XD
Mr. Tan damn geng wei!! XD Dance like expert!! =P

The only thing negative externality was that I tripped on an idiot's leg and got a bubu on my knee T_T. I know it's fancy to stick ur pinky finger out while drinking tea but a LEG??! What an idiot!! It still hurts even now...T_T


I'll miss you guys from PB2 =)
Keep in touch k!! XD

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