Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3 and Italiannies with a side of Application

Ok...this is like SO overdue lol =) So I went out with Jon to Sunway Pyramid last Wednesday to watch Toy Story 3!! XD We decided to go 'out of town' LOl since we both live in KL and have been there WAY too many times!! XP Another reason why I picked Sunway is that I wanted to hand in me application for uni!! XD Talking bout killing 2 birds with 1 stone LOL

HeHe^^ Applied for Uni le!! XD Poor Jon since he had to wait for me to finish applying!! XP The Taylors Lakeside Campus is pretty nice but I have yet to study there so can't really comment bout the enviroment yet!! XD

Italiannies...fine Italian restaurant but the prices!!! Like WHOA!! To me la at least since I'm not rich XD That would have been the 2nd time I'm eating here. It took us like 30 minutes to decide where to eat and by then we had already walked around Sunway Pyramid TWICE!! Haha That was cause Jon kept suggesting 'Burger King', 'Wendy's', 'Carl's Junior'...=.=...see the connection...THEY'RE ALL BURGER JOINTS!! Like who comes all the way to Sunway just to eat burgers...=.=...could have eaten those in Time Square...=.=...

Food was ok I guess...we ordered 'CLASSIC CARBONARA' which is

'Fettuccine pasta tossed in
parmesan cream sauce
with smoked beef bacon
and fresh button mushrooms'

Ok...I was really hungry at the time so I forgot to take a photo of the food before I digged in!! XD The one on me plate looks nicer than the after image =P I was pretty good...except that I'm a picky eater and'll know soon enough...=S

I tell you Jon was so keen on getting a candid photo of me eating the pasta and I caught him everytime he tried!! XD No way are you gonna get me messy mouthed!! XD So in the end I told him to take a nice pic of me instead of a surprise attack!! XD

This is Jon...also being careful not to get a candid photo of himself with a 'comot' face!! XD

Oh yeah!! Still haven't told you guys bout what happened after I 'finished' my meal XD Bwahahahaha!! Now face the HORROR!!

Ok...gotta say...the words didn't come out big enough but still big enough to read. =) Didn't I say it was horrible!! XD Urgh....=.=...the texture was unbearable!! =( I couldn't swallow it!! I couldn't!! =( Oh well...sorry bout the gross scene!! XP

Oh yeah!! Not forgetting...TOY STORY 3!! XD After reading all the comments on Facebook bout the movie I just couldn't wait to watch it!! XD

Toy Story 3...the story where Andy is all grown up and going off to college and the toys have another dangerous adventure...the movie made me feel so much!! Happiness =) Sadness =( Laughter =D Nostalgia ( Dun have an emoticon for this ) XD I even cried...=S It was THAT good a movie!! 10/10 for the movie and to the Pixar animators who made the movie of childhood follow our time since I watched toy story 1 and 2 when I was a kid and now I'm watchin the third movie when I'm in college!! Great timing fellas!! =)

That's all for this post folks! This is chronosz signing off till another time. =)

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  1. "Like WHO comes all the way to Sunway just to eat burgers...=.=...could have eaten those in Time Square...=.=..."

    Me lar. hahaahahaa.
    BTS no BK ok. hahaha. Great outing. Thanks for your time and company.