Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Koreans And The Nanny

Omg today was @@ First I got up early then I watched Goong until I was late to pick Jade up means we were late for lunch!! Ahhhhhhh What a thing to start the day with!! XP

Ok...I got annoyed with picasa so I'm just gonna upload all the photos like normal =P

HeHe^^ Had a korean lunch with Jade, Song Kiat, Jia Wen and Jia Qi at Da Sa Rang!! XD I didn't take photos of the food cause we were in a hurry and we were HUNGRY!! Gyahhh =P

It was such a nice lunch since I haven't had korean food since exams started!! XD But then ah...but then ah...T_T...kena sam
an wo...and we purposely sat at the window so I could keep an eye on my car but the police were too fast for me to spot even with my constant checking!! T_T

Ok...ok...let's stop with the sad part of the day and continue =P We all went to watch Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang!! XD It was ok la and it was so funny when nanny mcphee introduced herself!! XD " I am Nanny McPhee...small 'c' big 'P'..." I laughed everytime she said it!! XD

Weeee...i like nanny mcphee...=) the first movie was nicer but this movie is ok la XD I give it a 7/10 since they was such a happy surprise at the end =) if u wanna watch this movie i suggest u watch the first 1 first!! XD

After that...Jade went to join her other friends so the rest of us went to Krispy Kreme to discuss bout the Redang trip and snack!! XD

They're discussing the Redang trip with Andrew Foo on msn lol XD

Omg...look how sleepy I am...=.=...this is what happens when you play too much PS3 and watch too much of dramas!! XP

Donuts!!! XD Yummy and Jia Qi and Jia Wen had Crispy Popiah! =)

HeHe^^ That's all folks!! XD Went home and played FF13 until bro came home and annoyed me into letting him watch football!! XD Now watching Goong again while updating the blog!! XD Kzzz...till next time la =) See ya

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