Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 year Italian memory

My first post back will be on FOOD!! 

I haven't been back to this restaurant since I was 14! 
I couldn't appreciate good food at the time but now that I've come back the second time..


It's also cheaper than usual Italian restaurants! 
Affordable and delicious! 
What more could you ask for?

Venezia~~ It's a block away from the Segar Veterinary Clinic

Man I totally hate it when my face gets too oily >< 
My bangs get all messed up when it does =(

Here's the menu =)

We ordered 5 dishes! 
2 Entrees 
3 Main Dishes

Smoked Salmon Salad
I'm usually not the kind of person who likes salads but this is one salad that I LOVE!
You should have seen me eating this! It was like I was starved for 10 years and this was the first  food I see! =P

Fried Button Mushrooms (not sure what the menu name is)
This was delicious! The moment I sliced it, steam came out! O.O
Hot, steamy button mushrooms! Yum~

Grilled chicken with fried potatoes and veges (not sure of the actual name)
This...was not good >< or maybe it was just that one time but here's what I think...
The chicken was so hard! >< I thought my jaw was going to fall off =(
The cauliflower was horrible too...I was starting to feel really sad about the dish but...
Crispy skin and soft insides...only thing good about the dish though =(

Carbonara Spaghetti with turkey ham
I always order this at every restaurant! I ordered turkey ham instead of chicken ham for this dish
The spaghetti wasn't all that good I have to say but OK...=S

Chicken lasagna!
One of mine and my family's favorite dishes! =)
Although the lasagna was kinda small but it is THE BOMB!!
The sour cream gave the dish a certain UMPHH to it! 
Shall be using that in my lasagna from now on >=)

The bill came out to a little less than RM100 for FIVE dishes!

I highly recommend this restaurant but I also suggest you go during the slow hours of the day since it's a small restaurant and few workers there. Lunch and dinner hours always confuses the owner until orders are confused and there aren't enough seats during those times. 

This is all I have for this post! =)

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